RESOLVED, that the proper city officials are hereby authorized to enter into community development block grant (CDBG) program agreements with the service providers listed below in the amounts set forth with regard thereto, said agreements substantially in the form of that on file in the office of the city clerk as Public Document No.____________________, payable from 2000 Federal Program Fund 262.
Acct # Amount Public service projects
6318 $  29,700 Youth Avenues for Success - Copeland Community Center
6319 $  60,000 Primary Health Care for Low Income Persons - Lake Superior Community Health Clinic
6320 $  20,000 Housing Access Center 
6321 $  12,000 Veteran's Outreach North
6322 $  28,000 Family Transitional Housing - Salvation Army
6323 $  35,000 Woman's Transitional Housing Coalition
6324 $  20,000 Little Treasurers Child Care Services - HDC
6325 $  25,000 YMCA Community Services
6326 $  25,000 Life House Youth Center
6327 $  80,000 Duluth Hunger Project - CHUM
6328 $  14,000 Transitional Housing - AICHO
6329 $  50,000 Lincoln Park Youth Program - Boy's & Girl's Club 
6330 $  50,000 YWCA Youth Programs
6331 $  30,000 Washington Activity Center - Neighborhood Youth Services
TOTAL $478,700

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  CDBG public services will provide recreation, cultural and educational activities to 3,685 youth, provide nutrition/emergency food to 7,000 persons, provide health care to 3,400 persons, provide child care to 20 children, and provide transitional and other housing services to 1,396 individuals.

6318 Youth Avenues for Success - Lake Superior Community Center

This activity provide a free, safe, supervised recreational and educational program for Harbor View youth at the Copeland Center.

6319 Primary Health Care for Low Income Persons - Duluth Community Health Center

The Lake Superior Health Center provides primary health care to low-income persons. Clients are the working poor, most of whom reside in the Central Hillside CDBG eligible neighborhood. Services are provided at the Center and at an outreach at Central High School.

6320 Housing Access Center

The Housing Access Center will assist low-moderate income persons in acquiring and maintaining housing by providing fair housing education and outreach to tenants, landlords, lenders and home buyers.

6321 Veteran's Outreach North

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans - Duluth will work with homeless veterans in prevention, emergency shelter, supportive services and assistance in securing housing.

6322 Family Transitional Housing - Salvation Army

The Salvation Army's transitional housing program is for one-and-two parent families with children under 18. They provide a full range of supportive services to assist families in obtaining permanent housing, employment, and skills needed to remain self-sufficient.

6323 Women's Transitional Housing Coalition

Women's Transitional Housing Coalition will provide affordable housing with on-site support services for the very low income women (with children) who are homeless or in crisis.

6324 Little Treasures Child Care - Human Development Center

Little Treasures Center will be located in the East Hillside/Endion neighborhood and offers enhanced family centered child care for families who are at risk.

6325 Mentor Duluth - YMCA Community Services

The YMCA will serve as lead agency in the expansion of a continuum of mentoring services through a six-agency collaboration called Mentor Duluth.

6326 Life House Youth Center

Life House programs serve youth 14-20 by helping them access education, employment and housing. They also provide referrals to existing community services for crisis situations.

6327 Duluth Hunger Project - CHUM

The Churches United in Ministry (CHUM) manages a coalition of five organizations which work to prevent and alleviate hunger and malnutrition among the city's low-income populations

6328 Transitional Housing - AICHO

American Indian Housing Corporation (AICHO) provides housing and supportive services to homeless women with children.

6329 Lincoln Park Youth Program - Boy's & Girl's Club

The Boys & Girls Club operates two sites in the Lincoln Park CDBG neighborhood which provides educational and recreational opportunities for youth.

6330 YWCA Youth Programs

YWCA programs are designed to address the needs of children of low-moderate income families through enrichment programs. They provide five programs at two locations in the Central Hillside neighborhood and six programs at two locations in the East Hillside/Endion neighborhood.

6331 Washington Activity Center - Neighborhood Youth Services

Neighborhood Youth Services (NYS) operates out of the Washington Center which is located in the Central Hillside. They provide free programs aimed at preventing delinquency by building assets in youth and families.