WHEREAS, the city of Duluth is currently initiating a comprehensive planning process; and

WHEREAS, the city council of Duluth wishes to create a citizen's advisory committee for comprehensive planning to advise the council on matters of city wide concern as they relate to the comprehensive planning process.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following committee be established: the citizen's advisory committee for comprehensive planning (hereinafter referred to as "the committee").

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said committee shall conform to the following structure:

Purpose: The citizen's advisory committee for comprehensive planning will advise the council on all aspects of the comprehensive plan. Members will review plan elements, suggest initiatives, respond to council inquiries, cooperate with other persons and groups involved in the planning process, and provide comprehensive oversight to the planning process. The committee will primarily concern itself with issues of city wide significance in an attempt to maintain a consistent and cohesive vision for the city as a whole. Recommendations regarding these matters will be made to the council. The committee should not duplicate functions already served by existing committees and it should not usurp the role of neighborhood committees or workgroups. The committee will serve in an advisory role to the council only. Under no circumstances will the committee have any supervisory or regulatory role in the planning process.

Membership: The committee will consist of 9 to 13 members to be selected by the city council. It is recommended that members be selected according to the following criteria:

1. Expertise: Members should have skills in planning, recreation, housing, business development, environmental assessment, historic resources or some other area of expertise of direct relevance to the comprehensive planning process;

2. Geographic balance: Members should be selected to insure representation from all geographic regions of the city;

3. Diversity: Members should be selected to insure representation from communities of color. Gender balance should also be sought.

Structure of committee: The committee will select a chair and a co-chair. It is recommended that the chair convene meetings at least once per month. Meetings may be held with greater frequency if necessary. The committee will discuss all issues that come before it and make recommendations to the council. The recommendations may take either of two forms:

Consensus recommendation: This is a recommendation reached by consensus or unanimous agreement.

Nonconsensus recommendation: This recommendation will be made when the committee cannot reach consensus. In such cases, a majority report and minority report will be presented to the council.

Duration: The committee will endure until it is dissolved by council resolution. It is recommended that such dissolution occur upon completion of the comprehensive planning process.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that interested parties may apply to this committee by the same process that is used for other city boards, committees and commissions. Applicants are encouraged to attach brief resumes to the city's standard application form. The deadline for application will be 21 days from the date of approval of this resolution.

Members will be selected from the pool of qualified applicants according to the following procedure: Each councilor will receive 11 votes. As many as three votes may be applied to a single applicant. The council will review the results of the first ballot and may at this point decide to interview nine to 13 of the candidates. In the event that the first round of ballots fail to sufficiently narrow the field of candidates, the council may opt to vote a second time on a smaller field of candidates as determined by the council's review of the first round of voting. Procedures for such subsequent voting shall be flexible and determined by the council as needed. Nine to 13 candidates will be interviewed by the council. Successful candidates will be approved by council resolution. In the event that one or more candidates are not approved, the next highest vote-getters may proceed through the established process in order to reach a committee with a membership of at least nine.

In the event that a member of the committee is at any time unable or unwilling to continue to serve on the committee, replacements will be selected according to the above process. Applicants will be kept on file in a manner consistent with past practice.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: This resolution sets up a citizens advisory committee for comprehensive planning as described in the resolution.