WHEREAS, a special use permit was issued to Snowflake Cross Country Ski Center pursuant to Resolution No. 93-0872 to operate a cross country skiing facility on property described as the SW¼ of the NE¼, Section 8, Township 50, Range 14, lying north and easterly of County Highway 4 (Rice Lake Road) and located at 4348 Rice Lake Road, which permit was thrice amended pursuant to Resolution No's. 97-0395 and 98-0467, 99-0276 said permit, as amended, being hereinafter referred to as the "permit"; and

WHEREAS, George Hovland, D/B/A Snowflake Cross Country Ski Center, has submitted to the city council a request for an amendment to the permit to expand the types of seasonal uses on the above described property; and said application to amend said permit was duly referred to the city planning commission for a study, report, and public hearing and the city planning commission has subsequently reported its approval to the city council; and

WHEREAS, the approval was made because of the city planning commission's findings that appropriate safeguards will exist to protect the comprehensive plan and to conserve and to protect property values in the neighborhood if conditions are observed.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the city adopt the findings and conclusions of the planning commission and make the findings and staff report a basis for its action, that the permit is hereby amended to authorize the following uses in accordance with the site plan on file in the city planning division office, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth:

(a) Construction of a 50 meter biathlon target shooting range; and

(b) Permit biathlon athletes to carry biathlon target rifles on the cross-country ski trails of Snowflake Cross Country Ski Center.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the above cited uses are subject to the following:
(a) Securing all permits otherwise required under any applicable laws, rule and regulation, including but not limited to permits required by Article V of Chapter 5 of the City Code.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution amends an existing special use permit (amended three times) to Snowflake Cross Country Ski Center for the construction of a 50 meter biathlon target shooting range and to permit biathlon athletes to carry biathlon target rifles on the cross-country ski trails.

The use of the shooting range and permitting the athletes to carry weapons is subject to the authorization by the Chief of Police in accordance with Article V of the code.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the amendment request at their regular meeting on August 23, 2000.

In a related matter, Mr. Hovland requested a variance from the Water Resources Management Ordinance to allow mitigation of 3 acres of wetland impact (for the speed skating oval authorized by resolution 99-0276) to occur outside the Lake Superior Watershed at a site in Aitkin County in the Mississippi River watershed. The commission unanimously denied the change in watershed for the mitigation.