WHEREAS, HRTV Limited Liability Company has submitted to the city council a request to amend the Mount Royal Shopping Center C-3 Zoning Plan; and

WHEREAS, HRTV (owner) has submitted to the city council a request for approval of a 14,000 square foot addition to the Mount Royal Super Valu Store in the Mount Royal Shopping Center located at 1600 Woodland Avenue; and said amendment application was duly referred to the city planning commission for a study, report and public hearing, and the city planning commission has subsequently reported its approval to the city council; and

WHEREAS, the approval was made because of the city planning commission's findings that appropriate safeguards will exist to protect the comprehensive plan and to conserve and to protect property values in the neighborhood if conditions are observed.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that approval is hereby granted to allow the 14,000 square foot addition as delineated in the drawings entitled, "413 Group," by John Ivey Thomas Associates, Inc., Architects, dated 8/18/00, as identified as Public Document No. ________ and subject to the following conditions:

(a)  The C-3 requirements for off street parking are reduced from 463 to 385 spaces;
(b)  The fire and drive lane at the south side of the building be reduced to 25 feet with a parking depth of 20 feet;
(c)  That, prior to the issuance of a building permit, a storm water plan be developed and approved by the city engineering division, that accommodates the existing as well as the addition to the Super Valu store;
(d)  That the semi-truck delivery area be posted, "NO TRUCK IDLING DURING THE HOURS OF 10 P.M. AND 7 A.M.";
(e)  Pursue restoration of landscape islands in the parking lot;
(f)   Preserve as much of the landscape island at the northwest of the exiting front entry to the Super Valu store;
(g)  Enhance the landscape along the R-3 and R-1-b zoning boundary, through use of evergreen planting and or mounding and or fencing.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution amends the C-3 zoning district for Mount Royal Shopping Center to add 14,000 square feet to the Mount Royal Super Valu Store. The 80' x 168' addition will extend into an existing employee parking area from the west wall of the existing grocery store. Parking displaced and additional employee parking is proposed for the addition by creating 38 spaces along and under the utility easement that runs along the south (rear) lot line. This parking design presents an encroachment into the adjoining R-3 and R-1-b zones. The conditions of this resolution permit an encroachment of 6 feet into and under the utility easement along the R-3 and R-1-b zoning boundary along the rear of the Super Valu Store. This is permitted in accordance with Sec. 50-28.

The planning commission unanimously approved this resolution at its September 12, 2000, meeting.