BE IT RESOLVED, that due to an emergency condition at a polling site that makes it unacceptable to be used, and pursuant to Minnesota Statues 204B.16, the following locations are designated as polling places for the November 7, 2000, for the state legislative general election:

1. St. Michael's Catholic Church (lower level) 4901 East Superior Street
2. Portman Square 4601 McCulloch Street
3. Lakeside Presbyterian Church (lower level) 4430 McCulloch Street
4. Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 45th Avenue East and Colorado
5. Lakeview Covenant Church (lower level) 1001 Jean Duluth Road
6. Woodland Community Club 3211 Allendale Avenue
7. Woodland Community Club 3211 Allendale Avenue
8. Glen Avon Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall) 2105 Woodland Avenue
9. Duluth Congregational Church (lower level) 3833 East Superior Street
10. Mt. Olive Lutheran Church (lower level) 2010 East Superior Street
11. Pilgrim Congregational Church (lower level) 2310 East Fourth Street
12. Woodland Middle School (auditorium) Clover and Eighth Street
13. U.M.D. Kirby Student Center (garden room) 10 University Drive
*14. Kenwood Lutheran Church (lower level) 324 West Cleveland Street
15. Chester Park United Methodist Church (lower level) 819 North 18th Avenue East
16. Prince of Peace Fellowship Church 1830 East First Street
17. United Baptist Church (lower level) 830 East First Street
18. Trinity Lutheran Church (avenue entrance) 1108 East Eighth Street
19. Trinity Lutheran Church (avenue entrance) 1108 East Eighth Street
20. Peace Church (Tenth Avenue entrance 1015 East 11th Street
21. First United Methodist Church (Lakeview social hall) 230 East Skyline Parkway
22. Central Hillside Community Center 12 East Fourth Street
23. Rainbow Senior Center (auditorium) 211 North Third Avenue East
24. Duluth Public Library (green room) 520 West Superior Street
25. Lafayette Square (upper level) 3026 Minnesota Avenue
26. St. Peter's Catholic Church (lower level) 818 West Third Street
27. Duluth Heights Community Club 33 West Mulberry Street
28. Lincoln Park Center (lower level) 2014 West Third Street
29. Lincoln Park Baptist Church (lower level) 2202 West Third Street
30. Piedmont Elementary School (gym - rear entrance) 2827 Chambersburg Avenue
31. St. Lawrence Church 2410 Morris Thomas Road
32. Harrison Community Club 3002 West Third Street
33. Lutheran Church of Christ the King (alley entrance) 4219 Grand Avenue
34. Faith Haven (recreation room) 4901 Grand Avenue
35. Elim Lutheran Church (social hall) 6101 Cody Street
36. Irving Recreation Center 20 South 57th Avenue West
37. Bethany Baptist Church (social hall) 6700 Grand Avenue
38. Bayview Heights School (gym) 8702 Vinland Street
39. USDA Forest Service 8901 Grand Avenue Place
40. Goodfellowship Community Center (warming area) 1242-88th Avenue West
41. Stowe School (gym) 715 - 101st Avenue West
42. Fond du Lac Recreation Center 131st Avenue West and Highway 23

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that under the authority of Ordinance 8728, that an absentee ballot board shall be in effect and utilized as allowed for under Minnesota Statutes, for the November 7, 2000, elections.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the proper city officials are hereby authorized to establish and post temporary handicapped parking zones for the November 7, 2000, elections.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the city agrees to indemnify and hold harmless any organization allowing the city to use its building for a polling place from any claims or damages for bodily injury or property damage that are not covered by the insurance of the property owner or property operator, and arise out of the claimants'activities in the polling place for the purpose of voting, but subject to municipal liability limits contained in state law.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: This resolution amends Resolution 00-0524 designating the polling sites for the November 2, 2000, state general election.