RESOLVED, that Markhurd be and hereby is awarded a contract for furnishing aerial photography mapping services for the planning and development department in accordance with specifications on its low specification bid of $132,121, terms net 30, FOB Duluth, $75,239.75 payable out of General Fund 0100, Dept./Agency 020, Organization 1202, Object 5310; $5,738.63 payable out of Water Fund 0510, Dept./Agency 500, Organization 1930, Object 5441; $5,738.63 payable out of Gas Fund 0520, Dept./Agency 500, Organization 1930, Object 5441; $5,738.63 payable out of Sewer Fund 0530, Dept./Agency 500, Organization 1930, Object 5441; $5,738.63 payable out of Stormwater Fund 0535, Dept./Agency 500, Organization 1930, Object 5441; $8,926.75 payable out of Community Development and Housing Fund 0265, Dept./Agency 020, Organization 0093, Object 5441; to be reimbursed by Metropolitan Interstate Committee in the amount of $25,000.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: This resolution will authorize an award of the contract for aerial photo services to Markhurd for $132,125 according to their proposal submitted. Services to be performed in the spring of year 2001 include aerial collection, photo control and contact prints for areas I and Ii and a digital orthophoto (0.5 foot pixel resolution) and mylars for area I only. Services to be preformed in the summer of Year 2001 include aerial collection, photo control, digital orthophoto (1.0 foot pixel resolution), contact prints and enlargements for area I only. The total project cost is $132,121 but according to an agreement with the Metropolitan Interstate Committee, they will pay $25,000 for flight costs associated with the area II portions of the project.

RFPs were sent to 19 aerial photo vendors. Seven firms responded with complete proposals received from five firms. A selection committee was assembled representing the contributing city departments and the M.I.C. While the selection committee found all of the firms to be qualified at performing all or portions of the necessary work, the committee found Markhurd's proposal to be the most desirable. They were selected specifically because they had the lowest cost bid, they estimated product delivery sooner than the other firms, and they were able to produce the requested products with a high degree of accuracy. The budget cost for this project was $140,000. Proposal No. 01-040401

Tabulation of proposals received March 29, 2001
Markhurd, Maple Grove, MN $107,121.00
G.R.W. Aerial Surveys, Lexington, KY $111,137.00
Horizons, Minnetonka, MN $113,994.50
Surdex, Chesterfield, MO $117,460.00