WHEREAS, a scientific consensus has arisen that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere will have a profound effect on the earth's climate; and

        WHEREAS, scientific evidence indicates that global warming is already beginning, with the 1990's the hottest decade in recorded history; and

        WHEREAS, based on scientific evidence, the United States has pledged along with 160 countries under the United Nations framework convention on climate change to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions; and

        WHEREAS, energy consumption, specifically the burning of fossil fuels, e.g. coal, oil and gas, accounts for more than 80 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions; and

        WHEREAS, local governments greatly influence their community's energy usage by exercising key powers over land use, transportation, building construction, waste management and, in many cases, energy supply and management; and

        WHEREAS, local government actions taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency provide multiple local benefits by decreasing air pollution, creating jobs, reducing energy expenditures, and saving money for the city government, its businesses and its citizens; and

        WHEREAS, the cities for climate protection campaign, sponsored by the international council for local environmental initiatives, has invited the city of Duluth to become a partner in the campaign;

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the city of Duluth pledges to join with jurisdictions from all over the world in the cities for climate protection campaign and, as a participant in the cities for climate protection campaign, Duluth pledges to:
                (a)     Take a leadership role in increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from municipal operations;
                (b)     Develop and implement a local action plan which describes the steps our community will take to reduce both greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions. The plan will include:
                        (1)     A greenhouse gas emissions analysis and forecast to determine the source and quantity of greenhouse gas emissions within the jurisdiction;
                        (2)     A carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions reduction target;
                        (3)     The strategy for meeting Duluth's greenhouse gas reduction target, including an outline of the programs and measures that will be implemented to achieve the target.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  In this resolution, the city of Duluth pledges to assume a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to develop and implement a plan to reduce both greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions.