ORDINANCE NO. __________



The city of Duluth does ordain:

        Section 1.     That the following public thoroughfare shall be and is hereby renamed Country View Way, that roadway located in the Northeast Quarter (NE¼) of the Southwest Quarter (SW¼), Section 26, Township 51 North, Range 13 West, St. Louis County, Minnesota, located south of and along the northern westerly right-of-way of Minnesota Highway No. 61 and lying west of McDonald Road.

        Section 2.     That the city clerk, upon passage of this ordinance, shall:
                (a)     Notify the director of public works and utilities to proceed with the erection of street signs relating to such change;
                (b)     Notify the property owners within 300 feet of the street; and
                (c)     Notify the following agencies and utilities of the specific changes:
                        (1)     Business office of QWest Communications;
                        (2)     Manager of delivery and collection, main post office;
                        (3)     County auditor, St. Louis County;
                        (4)     President, Minnesota Power;
                        (5)     Chief, Duluth fire department;
                        (6)     Chief, Duluth police department;
                        (7)     Director, department of public works and utilities;
                        (8)     City assessor;
                        (9)     Voter registration department;
                      (10)     Minnesota department of transportation;
                      (11)     St. Louis County 911 agency.

        Section 3.     That this ordinance shall take effect 30 days from and after its passage and publication.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The ordinance renames a dead-end roadway (driveway) which has been identified and signed as Bullit Street. Various maps indicate it as Service Road E. The residents affected by this roadway have requested to rename it as: (1) Wood View Blvd., (2) Poplar Blvd.; or (3) Country View Blvd.

The planning commission unanimously approved of the change to Country View Way at their September 11, 2001, meeting.

In making their recommendation, the commission considered the following 09/01/01 communication from Sharon K. Lewerer, Director of 911 Communications (lewerers@co.st-louis.mn.us): "I have reviewed the request for a street name change for the above referenced street from the 911 Communications standpoint and have found the following:

1. Wood View Blvd. (Ln., Cir., Way, Ct.) is the number two recommended choice from the 911 perspective. Because there are already several similar sounding names currently existing within the City (i.e., Woodcrest, Woodhaven, Woodland, Woodrich, etc.), we recommend this street name only as a second choice.

2. Poplar Blvd. (Ln., Cir, Way, Ct.) is not recommended due to the Poplar Rd. which currently exists in Lakewood Twp.

3. Country View Blvd. (Ln., Cir., Way, Ct.) is the number one recommended choice. However, the 911 Communications Department suggests the use of either Circle, Way, or Court as the street type designator in order to distinguish it from the Country Ln. and Country Rd. which resides in Herman town.

Gold Cross Ambulance currently covers all of the above-referenced territories. In order to improve the ease of locating addresses in an emergency, we have been attempting to eliminate duplicate road names and/or similar sounding road names when we create new addresses in the County. This is particularly true when the address ranges are very close to the same numbering.

Thank you for considering us in your review of the proposal. If you have any questions regarding our recommendations please feel free to call me."