WHEREAS, the American Cancer Society has applied to the Minnesota gambling control board for a lawful gambling exemption (raffle); and

        WHEREAS, the Duluth City Council has received a copy of said exemption application to the Minnesota gambling control board and has 60 days in which to present a resolution to said Minnesota gambling control board objecting to the exemption application; and

        WHEREAS, the city council approves of the exemption application and wishes to waive the 60 day waiting period.

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Duluth City Council hereby approves of the Minnesota gambling control board issuing a lawful gambling exemption to the American Cancer Society and does hereby waive the 60 day waiting period which it has to object to the issuance of said exemption.

        RESOLVED FURTHER, that the city clerk is hereby authorized and directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Minnesota gambling control board immediately after its passage.

Alcohol, gambling and tobacco commission discussion of 5/17/2001: Anita Johnson was present on behalf of this application. Ms. Johnson stated that this is the first time they have applied for a raffle, and they are selling raffle tickets for a couple of things such as a handmade quilt someone donated. She continued by saying that this is a way to raise money for the Relay for Life which is held at St. Scholastica on July 20 and 21. Ms. Johnson also stated that on August 20, they will be having a golf tournament, and they will be selling raffle tickets also for the drawing at the tournament which will be a 50/50 type raffle where the winner gets half of the money collected and the AMC gets the other half. To the commission's questioning, Ms. Johnson replied that she is unsure how many tickets they will be selling in total as there are two different events, and this is their first raffle being held in conjunction with these events. To further questions from the commission, Ms. Johnson stated that they would like to start selling tickets as soon as possible and need the waiver from the city to get the license from the state. There being no further discussion, Mr. Hendrickson moved that THE 60 DAY WAIVER REQUEST FOR THE RAFFLE EXEMPTION OF THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY BE APPROVED, AND THE SAME BE RECOMMENDED TO THE CITY COUNCIL FOR APPROVAL. Mr. Willman seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.