RESOLVED, that Resolution 93-0518 is amended in its entirety to read as follows:

                WHEREAS, a sufficient petition was filed with the city clerk requesting the vacation of a 20-foot-wide waterline easement across Lots 19 and 21, Block 4, Airport Division; and

                WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 100 of the City Charter and Article IV of Chapter 45 of the Duluth City Code, 1959, such petition was duly referred to the city planning commission and such commission gave due notice of public hearing and did consider same in public hearing; and

                WHEREAS, the city planning commission approved unanimously the vacation petition at its June 8, 1993, meeting;

                NOW, THEREFORE, BET IT RESOLVED, that the city council of the city of Duluth approves the vacation of the 20-foot-wide waterline easement across Lots 19 and 21, Block 4, Airport Division.

                BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the city clerk is hereby directed to record with the register of deeds and/or the registrar of titles of St. Louis County, Minnesota, a certified copy of this resolution together with a plat showing the easement to be vacated.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The purpose of this resolution is to amend Resolution 93-0518 to correct an error in the legal description. It came to staff's attention when trying to file the resolution in the office of the St. Louis County recorder that the legal description stated an incorrect block number.