WHEREAS, citizens have expressed concern about the growth of unlicensed and noninspected rental housing in recent years; and

WHEREAS, Councilor Reinert convened a citizens' advisory committee to address the issue; and

WHEREAS, that committee as met, investigated, deliberated and reported; and

WHEREAS, the committee has produced several recommendations.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the city council requests of the administration and recommends that the following actions be undertaken and implemented:
(a) That the planning department and its community development division establish what constitutes a health ratio of homeowner/rental use in neighborhoods throughout the city, and develop such language suitable for the City Code develop and implement policies that encourage home ownership throughout the city and particularly in neighborhoods with less than 60 percent home ownership;
(b) That the planning department, its community development division and the planning commission proactively identify and rezone appropriate new parcels and areas for multifamily use, and bring this to the council for enactment as a change in the zoning ordinance;
(c) That the city council in consultation with the police department division develop a nuisance ordinance and strict enforcement policies for current ordinances that will improve enforcement of neighborhood quality of life standards the quality of life in Duluth's neighborhoods;
(d) That the Duluth housing commission, UMD, Lake Superior College and College of St. Scholastica identify one or more areas to be established as a student market rate multi-unit housing district, which could include the downtown district, and then bring the plan to the planning department and planning commission for action to provide for such areas in the zoning ordinance;
(e) That the mayor and fire chief assure that there is adequate staff and resources to enforce the zoning ordinance, the housing code, and all life safety codes in all parts of the city, and procedures and policies in effect to effectuate compliance with these laws;
(f) That the parking commission and police department develop new policies and enforce existing parking regulations to reduce parking congestion on city streets.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution sets out the issues and the responsible parties found by the citizens' committee to be vital in improving the quality of life in the city by managing the use of rental property.