RESOLVED, that New World Systems be and hereby is awarded a contract for furnishing and delivering governmental e-management software system for the M.I.S. division in accordance with specifications on its low specification proposal of $580,000, terms net, FOB destination, $430,000 payable out of Capital Equipment Bond Fund 0250 and $150,000 payable out of various utility funds.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: This resolution will authorize the city to enter into an agreement with New World Systems, to complete the design, installation, implementation, data conversion, training, support services and purchase the necessary software for the city's finance and HR/payroll systems in Phase 1, and the city's utility customer billing system in Phase 2. The conversion of these systems is necessary due to the fact that our current finance and payroll systems will lose the support of our current product in year 2005 due to the current aging platform which is outdated and unsupported. This upgrade of our systems will allow the city greater functionality, capabilities, and efficiencies in these systems for the future. This product is a web based application, which when fully implemented, will allow the citizens easier access to system services via the internet, including paying utility bills.

Other modules that may be considered for implementation at a later date could include the community development suite of applications that consist of business licensing, permits, municipal inspections, code enforcement and GIS integration. Capital equipment bond funding was approved by the council in year 2003 and year 2004 to cover the expenses associated with this project. The equipment for this project will be purchased from Insight Public Sector via the Minnesota state contract. The system server software will be purchased from Software House International, via the Minnesota state contract. The remaining software application modules will be purchased from New World Systems with Phase 1 implementation taking place in year 2004 and Phase 2 implementation in year 2005.

The total amount of $580,000 is awarded to New World Systems which $430,000 to be paid from Capital Equipment Bond Fund 0250 and $150,000 to be paid from various utility funds. The total amount of $24,000 is awarded to Insight Public Sector to be paid from Capital Equipment Bond Fund 0250. The total amount of $21,407 is awarded to Software House International to be paid from Capital Equipment Bond Fund 0250. Proposal No. 04-0385

Tabulation of proposals received March 31,2004
New World Systems, Troy, MI proposals
GEMS, St. Louis, MO
Tyler Technologies/MUNIS Division, Falmouth, ME
Eden Systems, Renton, WA
Lawson Software, Columbus, OH
A.S.T. Corporation, Naperville, IL
Hansen Information Technologies, Sacramento, CA