WHEREAS, the Duluth City Council has confirmed assessments for the properties and amounts and dates listed on Public Document No. __________; and WHEREAS, the property referred to in said resolutions was forfeited to the state of Minnesota for non-payment of real estate taxes but has since been returned to private ownership; and

WHEREAS, the city has held a hearing regarding the reassessment of said sums against said properties after notice to all necessary parties, said hearing and notice thereof complying with the requirements of Section 62 of the Duluth City Charter and Section 45-79 and any other applicable sections of the Duluth City Code, 1959, as amended; and

WHEREAS, the city council has determined that the work for which the assessments were originally levied have benefitted the respective properties by amounts at least equal to or in excess of amounts originally assessed against each such property, including the amounts of the canceled assessments.

RESOLVED, that pursuant to the authorization of Laws of Minnesota, 1997, Chapter 231, Article 2, Section 53, the following previously-canceled assessments are hereby reassessed in the amounts set forth in the table below:
(a) Demolition of buildings, Contract No. 5306, assessable amount - $4,774.00;
(b) Demolition of buildings, Contract No. 5293, assessable amount - $2,500.00;
(c) Demolition of buildings, Contract No. 5294, assessable amount - $800.00;

and that this reassessment role is hereby confirmed.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The purpose of this resolution is to confirm the reassessment of outstanding assessment amounts for the abovementioned properties. The original assessments were canceled by operation of state law when the parcels became tax forfeited to the state and are being reassessed pursuant to the Laws of Minnesota 1997, Chapter 231, after the parcels have been returned to private ownership.