ORDINANCE NO. __________



The city of Duluth does ordain:

Section 1. That Section 47-33 of the Duluth City Code, 1959, as amended, be amended to read as follows:

Sec. 47-33. Rates.

Every person operating a taxicab shall charge, and every person holding a taxicab license shall permit the charging only of the following rates for taxicab service in the city of Duluth and such rates shall not be reduced by issuance of coupon books, premiums or any other device whatsoever:
(a) For the first 1/12 1/10 mile or fraction thereof, $1.50 $2.00, for each succeeding 1/12 1/10 mile or fraction thereof, $ .15 $ .20, for each three minutes of waiting time or fraction thereof resulting from the special instance and request of a passenger or patron $ .90 $1.50, provided, however, that such rates shall go into effect only if and when permitted under U. S. government price guidelines, and until such time as such rates go into effect the rates previously established by this Section shall remain in effect. No charge for any waiting time shall be made when the same results from traffic delays or circumstances beyond the control of such patron or passenger;
(b) No taxicab driver shall carry any person other than the person first employing his vehicle without the consent of such person. Group riding is permissible for passengers going in the same general direction, with the consent of all passengers involved, providing there is no other cab available at the point of loading and no delay is caused to any waiting passenger. Each member of such a group of passengers shall be required to pay only that amount which the taximeter would have registered if such person had been taken directly from the point of loading to his destination point.
No extra fare shall be charged by the driver of a taxicab for additional passengers when such passengers are of one party or one family group. If the members of such a party or group do not have a common destination the driver shall collect the recorded fare at the final destination point;
(c) When a taxicab is engaged by the hour, the following rates shall be charged: $30 for the first hour or fraction thereof and $7.50 for each succeeding 15 minutes or fraction thereof. While a taxicab is so engaged, the driver shall place a hood or covering over the taximeter in such vehicle;
(d) For trips originating or ending outside of an area bounded by the following described line, $4 or the rate prescribed by Subsection (a), whichever is greater, except that all trips originating at the Duluth International Airport shall have a minimum fee of $6:
Commencing at the foot of 40th Avenue West; thence northwesterly along 40th Avenue West to Haines Road; thence northwesterly along Haines Road to Skyline Parkway; thence northerly along Skyline Parkway to Trinity Road; thence northerly along Trinity Road to Arlington Avenue; thence northerly along Arlington Avenue to Arrowhead Road; thence easterly along Arrowhead Road to 34th Avenue East; thence southeasterly along 34th Avenue East and its extension to Lake Superior; thence beginning in a southwesterly direction, along the Duluth city limits to the intersection of such limits with 40th Avenue West extended; thence westerly to the point of beginning;
(e) For trips originating or ending within an area bounded by Kingsbury Creek on the east and the southwesterly entrance to Morgan Park extended westerly to the city limits, on the west, $5 or the rate prescribed by subsection (a), whichever is greater, and $6 or the rate prescribed by subsection (a), whichever is greater, for trips originating or ending south or west of the area described above;
(f) For trips originating or ending northeast of a line bounded by the Lester River north to Occidental Boulevard; Occidental Boulevard north to the Skyline Parkway; the Skyline Parkway north to the Maxwell Road; and the Maxwell Road north to the city limits line, $5 or the rate prescribed by subsection (a), whichever is greater;
(g) For any trip that includes the cartage of an unusual amount of goods, a charge of $ .50 shall be made over and above the rate prescribed in Subsection (a). The driver shall only be required to deliver the goods to a place which is under cover. For the purpose of this Subsection the term, unusual amount, means that amount which requires more than one loading or unloading trip for the passengers and driver.

There shall be prominently displayed in all taxicabs a card supplied by the city clerk for a fee of $1 setting out in large size print, the taxi fare contained in this Section. This card shall contain a sentence informing passengers that it is illegal for the driver to charge for waiting time while delayed in traffic. This card shall also contain a sentence informing passengers that the driver has printed copies of the entire text of this Section which will be supplied to them upon request. Printed copies of the complete text of this Section shall be supplied to each taxicab driver by the city clerk without charge and such drivers shall give a printed copy of such text to any passenger who requests one.

The driver of any taxicab shall upon demand give any passenger a receipt for the fare charged, which receipt shall include the name of the driver, the identification of the vehicle, the amount charged and the date of the transaction.

Section 2. That this ordinance shall take effect and be in force 30 days from and after its passage and publication.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This ordinance increases taxicab rates in the city of Duluth, which have not been amended since 2000. This amendment adopts the request of the Taxi Owners Association which provides an increase in the initial flag drop from $1.50 to $2.00, an increase from $.15 for 1/12 of a mile in the basic meter rate to $.20 for each 1/10 mile, and an increase from $.80 per each three minutes of waiting to $1.50.