WHEREAS, Mamun al-Humsi was a member of the People’s Assembly, Syria’s legislative body, during which he called for an independent parliamentary human rights committee to be set up at the People’s Assembly; and


     WHEREAS, Mamun al-Humsi was arrested by a large force of armed police in his legislative office in August of 2001; and


     WHEREAS, Mamun al-Humsi was arrested in response to the high visibility of his peaceful public activities; and


     WHEREAS, Mamun al-Humsi’s legislative immunity was lifted without following procedures required by Syrian law; and


     WHEREAS, Mamun al-Humsi was charged with offenses including illegally attempting to change the Constitution and disrupting national unity; and


     WHEREAS, Mamun al-Humsi’s trial was reportedly rife with irregularities including no access to his lawyers and failure of the court to provide a statement of charges; and


     WHEREAS, prison conditions in Syria are notoriously harsh and hard labor is the norm; and


     WHEREAS, Mamun al-Humsi has diabetes and has been denied the special medical attention he needs; and


     WHEREAS, Amnesty International considers Mamun al-Humsi to be a prisoner of conscience.


     NOW, THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the Duluth City Council:

     1)   expresses solidarity and support for Mr. Mamun al-Humsi;

     2)   strongly condemns the Syrian government for the imprisonment of Mr. Mamun al-Humsi;

     3)   requests the Syrian government to allow Mr. Mamun al-Humsi access to humanitarian assistance, including medical and legal assistance;

     4)   requests the Syrian government immediately release Mr. Mamun al-Humsi.

    RESOLVED FURTHER, that the clerk shall provide a copy of this resolution to Congressman Oberstar, Minnesota's two senators, the president, minister of health, prime minister and minister of justice of the Syrian Arab Republic.


STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution requests release of a prisoner from the custody of the government of Syria.