WHEREAS, the ordinances of the city allow a limited and controlled archery deer harvest in the city; and

     WHEREAS, the standards and rules for each hunt are determined by resolutions of the council.

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the following rules and standards shall govern the deer harvest authorized by Chapter 6 of the Duluth City Code, 1959, as amended:

     (a)  Deer hunting by archery will be conducted in strict conformance with each and every applicable law, rule, and regulation of the United States government, and the state of Minnesota, and the city of Duluth;

     (b)  Each participating hunter shall be licensed by the state and certified by the designated agent of the city of Duluth and shall have paid all required fees and met the standards for certification. The fee for each city certificate for each year’s hunt shall be set in accordance with Section 6-77(e)(2) of the Duluth City Code, payable before any hunting is undertaken by the certificate holder. Payment shall be made to the administrative assistant or his/her designee, or to the collecting agent designated by the council in a hunt management contract;

     (c)  Each hunter shall execute and legally bind himself or herself to an agreement, on a form approved by the city attorney, to repair or pay for any injury to person, or damage to property of another that arises out of the hunter’s activities in hunting for deer, and to defend and indemnify the city and its agent for any claims against them which arise out of the hunter’s activities in hunting for deer;

     (d)  Within 48 hours of taking a deer, each hunter shall report, on a form acceptable to the hunt manager or, if none, the administrative assistant or his/her designee, the time and place taken, gender of deer and any other relevant information requested;

     (e)  The hunt shall run concurrent with the state of Minnesota’s bow hunting season;

     (f)  The areas within which, subject to the laws and ordinances that apply, hunting can take place are those indicated on the map or maps on file with the clerk as Public Document No. __________;

     (g)  The hunt shall be managed by a person or organization chosen by the city council and awarded, by council resolution, a contract to manage the hunt. This contractor shall be the designated agent for the administrative assistant or his/her designee in managing the hunt. If there is no such hunt management contractor, then the hunt shall be managed by the administrative assistant or his/her designee. Under any circumstances, the law enforcement officers of the city, state and federal government retain their jurisdiction;

     (h)  During a season, no person shall be allowed to harvest a buck deer unless that person has previously harvested at least one antlerless deer within Duluth city limits and in complete accordance with the hunt’s regulations. Antlerless is defined by the state as those deer without an antler greater than three inches long;

     (i)  Only hunting from treestands is allowed. Each stand platform must be a minimum of 12 feet above ground;

     (j)  This resolution continues in force until superceded by another resolution governing the seasonal deer hunt in the city.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the city council hereby directs the city attorney to negotiate a deer management contract with the Arrowhead Bowhunter’s Alliance or report to the council if that task cannot be completed.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution sets standards and rules, times and places for the annual deer hunt and provides for a managing agent.