RESOLVED, that city council Resolution No. 04-0818 is hereby rescinded and shall be of no force and effect.

     RESOLVED FURTHER, that the proper city officials are directed to return to the donor organization any funds received under the authority of said resolution, said funds to be paid from Fund 100, Agency 700, Organization 1420, Object 5530, Project CM100-1429.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The purpose of this resolution is to rescind Resolution No. 04-0818 and to direct the return of any funds received thereunder to the donor organization, the Irving Community Club.

Resolution No. 04-0818 was originally approved on December 20, 2004, to allow the city to accept $10,000 from the Irving Community Club; the purpose of their donation was to pay for the resurfacing of the north hockey arena at the club with a multi-use surface to make it useable not only for hockey but also for tennis and basketball. The gift was to the city because the city is the owner of the land upon which the club facilities are located.

Since the gift was accepted, it was determined that the project was better left to the club itself for implementation. This resolution, therefore, eliminates the authorization to accept the gift, allowing the funds to be returned to the community club for their use in implementing the proposed improvements.