The Duluth City Council finds:

     That child care is critical to the success of the Minnesota family investment program in assisting individuals to obtain employment and a child’s early education; and

     That quality child care is critical to working families; and

     That licensed child care providers statewide earn $2.83 an hour on average according to the Minnesota department of human services; and

     That licensed child care providers caring for children receiving child care subsidies established by the state of Minnesota have seen substantial cuts in funding resulting in 10,000 families in Minnesota no longer receiving child care assistance; and

     That, according to children’s defense fund, nearly 25 percent of Minnesota parents reported that they have had to quit or turn down a job because of difficulties with child care arrangements; and

     That, according to a study done by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, for every dollar that is spent on early childhood education, nearly $13 in benefits goes to the general public; and

     That, St. Louis County and Child Care Providers Together (CCPT)/AFSCME AFL-CIO are helping raise awareness of the need for improvements in the child care system.

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the city council commends the work of St. Louis County and CCPT/AFSCME AFL-CIO on raising the awareness of the importance of child care in our community.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the city council supports the efforts of St. Louis County and CCPT/AFSCME AFL-CIO to improve the child care system as a whole both in St. Louis County and statewide.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution expresses the council’s support of an important program.