RESOLVED, pursuant to Ordinance 7060 approved on September 24, 1956, First Street between 24th Avenue East and Fourth Avenue West was designated as a one-way street for traffic proceeding in a westerly direction.

     Pursuant to Section 33-17 of the Duluth City Code, 1959, as amended, the Duluth City Council now has the authority to establish and provide for one-way traffic on any street or avenue in the city by resolution.

     After review of the current traffic patterns and needs in the area and after receiving advice and information from the city engineer’s office and on the recommendation of the East Hillside transportation study, the council has determined that allowing two-way traffic on First Street from 12th Avenue East to 24th Avenue East will not have a material negative effect on traffic needs and the street access area.

     FURTHER RESOLVED, that the city council does hereby declare its intention to withdraw the one-way designation from that portion of East First Street lying between 12th Avenue East and 24th Avenue East to allow two-way traffic thereon.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution will evidence the city’s intention to convert East First Street between 12th and 24th Avenues East to two-way traffic.

First Street has generally been a one-way street for westbound traffic since 1956.

It was part of the historic “pairing” of one-way streets which attempted to relieve traffic congestion on Superior Street and, in conjunction with the one-way traffic on Second and Third Streets, to improve traffic flow through the Downtown area.

With the completion of I-35 to 26th Avenue East, much of the through traffic flow has been diverted to that artery and much of the impetus for “pairing” has been reduced.

One of the recommendations made by the East Hillside transportation study was to convert First Street from a one-way street to a two-way street.

However, a number of other properties along First Street were designed and developed specifically with its one-way westbound traffic pattern in mind. These would include the St. Luke’s Hospital and Northland Medical buildings and parking facility and the Tech Village parking ramp. Therefore, total elimination of one-way traffic on First Street is not reasonable.

After consultation with the city engineer and with city administration, the proposal to convert the portion of First Street between 12th and 24th Avenues East to two-way traffic appears to best meet the needs of all.