RESOLVED, that the proper city officials are authorized to execute and implement a collective bargaining agreement with Local 101 International Association of Firefighters, containing the same terms and conditions, and being in the same form (except for typographic or insubstantial corrections) as the contract on file with the city clerk as Public Document No. ___________, covering the years 2007-2009.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The administration has been in negotiations since early 2006 with bargaining units of city employees. Settlement was reached with the Supervisory Association on July 27, 2006, and subsequently approved by the council. Settlement has now been reached with Firefighters Local 101 resulting in a tentative contract which the union ratified February 8, 2007.

Significant changes to the contract include:


1.   A three year contract with wage increases of: 2007 - 1%, 2008 - 3%, 2009 - 3%. This is a 7% increase over 3 years.


2.   In 2007 only, employees will have an option to sell back one week of vacation.


3.   There will no longer be four hospital-medical benefit plans available to active employees. All active employees will have coverage under Plan 3A. This plan requires the employee to pay deductibles and co-pays. The city will continue to contribute 80% of the cost of family coverage and 100% of the cost for single coverage. For those employees with single coverage, the city has increased its contribution to the employee's flex benefit account by $25 for a total of $75 per month. If regulations preclude the ability to change flex benefits mid year, the employee may elect to have the additional $25 deposited to a deferred compensation plan.


4.   Retired employee health coverage now contains language that:


     a)   All employees retire under Plan 3A that includes co-pays and deductibles, and are subject to a sliding scale that determines the percentage of cost borne by the city and the retiree. After 20 years of service, the city pays 100% of the premium;


     b)   For full-time employees hired after January 1, 2007, the city will deposit $6,000 into a health care savings plan (HCSP) account at the successful completion of their probation period, normally one year. These persons are not eligible for a defined retiree health care benefit and may enroll in the city's health care plan only at their own expense.


5.   Employees hired before December 31, 2006, who retire during 2007, 2008 or 2009 shall receive a one time deposit into a HCSP account of $6,000. This is consistent with task force recommendations that encouraged a transition period for employees.


6.   All employees will be paid an additional 1% of their base pay into a HCSP account starting in 2008.


7.   Employees hired after January 1, 2007, will receive an additional .25% of their base pay into a HCSP account starting in 2009.


8.   Employees will receive fitness reimbursement of $30 from the current $20 monthly.


9.   Employees will be allowed to convert up to two weeks vacation into a HCSP account each year.