WHEREAS, many of the violent crimes and drug related crimes in the city of Duluth are committed by a small group of repeat offenders; and

     WHEREAS, costs relating to police enforcement, criminal prosecution and detention of these repeat offenders has become an unduly burdensome drain on St. Louis County and city of Duluth financial resources; and

     WHEREAS, St. Louis County Board of Commissioners and city of Duluth City Council desire to improve the effectiveness of action being taken to reduce the crime committed by repeat offenders of serious crimes; and

     WHEREAS, effective action to reduce serious crimes committed by repeat offenders requires collecting, processing and evaluating a broad range of information from a variety of sources which makes this appropriate for joint and collaborate action by St. Louis County and the city of Duluth.

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that St. Louis County Commissioners and Duluth City Council shall establish a joint task force to collect information about repeat offenders of violent crimes, and make recommendations to the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners and the city of Duluth for reducing serious crimes committed by repeat offenders.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the task force shall consist of 13 members, including representation from St. Louis County Board of Commissioners, Duluth City Council, Duluth police department, St. Louis County sheriff's office, the Lake Superior gang task force, St. Louis County court administrator's office, St. Louis County attorney's office, St. Louis County department of health and human services, courts and corrections system, and the general public.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the city and county shall provide staffing for the task force. The task force shall report back to the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners and Duluth City Council with its findings and recommendations no later than September 30, 2007.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  This resolution creates a task force to address a serious public safety issue of repeat serious offenders. The task force may investigate the following subjects:

Who are these people in Duluth:

     1.   Who commit violent crimes (felony) against other persons;

     2.   Who deal drugs.


     1.   Who are they?

     2.   What is the impact of these crimes on Duluth’s resources?

     3.   Any solutions.

     4.   Task force recommendations.

Questions to answer about this group:

     1.   Sex (male or female);

     2.   Age;

     3.   Work (none, part-time, full-time);

     4.   Where they live;

     5.   Education (none, GED or HS diploma, post HS);

     6.   Support system (family, friends, area services, income and source);

     7.   Duluthian’s by birth or transplants (this question is good to see how our local school system and social services are doing while kids are at a young age);

     8.   Impact on our cities resources (police, social services, medical, jail, courts, probation).

Recommendations for this group:

     1.   Rehabilitation;

     2.   Mentor;

     3.   Counseling;

     4.   Does drug court really work?

     5.   Is probation working?


Incarceration/stopping this group:

     1.   Zero tolerance;

     2.   Cut off their support system;

     3.   Three strikes and you are out approach.

Possible conclusion:

     This group appears to be or is negatively related to the quality of life, peace, safety and, in a lot of cases, the financial stability of Duluth.