RESOLVED, that the city council hereby supports the FY 2008 funding strategies as approved by the community development committee.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The community development (CD) committee adopted Resolution 07-C-03 on June 26, 2007. This is an annual process whereby the CD committee conducts a series of community forums, which were held in May of this year, and then reviews the past performance of programs and other community development and housing research to determine what critical issues should be the focus in the upcoming application process for the community development program. The community development program encompasses funding from the community development block grant (CDBG), HOME investment partnerships program and the emergency shelter grant program (ESGP) which totals about $3.8 million in funding.

Based upon the research, the community forums and the neighborhood plans completed by East Hillside, Central Hillside and Lincoln Park, the community development committee has approved the funding strategies. These strategies are guidelines for the application process and based upon submissions may change with the final funding recommendations.

Policy changes from previous years with CDBG and HOME include: targeting home owner rehabilitation within the CDBG affordable housing category and seeking a targeted impact by setting a guideline of funding within the SNAP (strategic neighborhood action plan) areas. Focusing economic development in CDBG on the new economic opportunity initiative, based upon a model from Portland, Oregon, that focuses on the training and placement of low-moderate income individuals in jobs. Reducing the public facilities category to a lower percentage with no improvements to city-owned facilities until a long range facilities plan is completed. In public services, the strategy is to encourage the parks and recreation department to meet with the youth serving agencies to develop a cooperative comprehensive service plan. The increased amount for planning and administration would be to provide funding for a long range facility plan or feasibility study to implement the economic opportunity initiative. The focus of the HOME program would be on developing new affordable units, primarily through substantial home owner rehabilitation or purchase/rehabilitation and with the redevelopment of rental properties that are in need of rehabilitation within our older core neighborhoods.