08-0491R                                                        (REPLACEMENT)



     RESOLVED, that the proper city officials are authorized to accept the substantial donation of property, which property is described on the deed, a copy of which is on file in the office of the City Clerk as Public Document No. ______________ , from Jerome G. Arnold and Judith L. Arnold, F.K.A. Judith M. Arnold.

     RESOLVED FURTHER, that City of Duluth expresses its appreciation to said Jerome and Judith Arnold for their donation and assistance in implementing this important city project.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The purpose of this resolution is to authorize the acceptance of the substantial donation of property located adjacent to other City-owned property north of Glenwood Street and west of Jean Duluth Road commonly referred to as the “Morningside Pit” area to allow the city to consider development of a public works district tool house facility to serve the northern and eastern reaches of the City.

As part of its reorganization the City needs to plan for a district tool house facility to house the maintenance equipment used for that purpose, for storage of materials such as salt and sand and to serve as “base” location for public works employees. At the present time, the only such facility that the City has to serve the entire east half of the City is the former MnDOT garage facility at intersection of Rice Lake Road, Mesaba Avenue and Central Entrance. Due to operational inefficiencies hampered by existing locations, the results are over an hour of time lost for transit for each piece of equipment and its operator which is deployed to the northern or eastern service boundaries of the Department as well as causing additional, wear and tear on the equipment. The cost to the City in lost person/hours, wasted fuel and wear and tear on equipment is estimated to be at least $60,000 per year.

The need for a more conveniently located garage facility being clear, the City has included funds for such a facility in the budget and has been searching for a location which would be readily accessible and convenient to both the northern and eastern service boundaries.

The City presently owns property in the Morningside Pit area which would be ideal for that use but access to the site was an issue. The Arnolds were the owners of property which provides excellent access and were willing to donate the property to the City, subject to a minimal reimbursement for their time and costs (hence the term, “substantial donation” in that the City paid them $100 for their help).

With the acquisition of this property, it is anticipated that the City would have enough land and funds to allow it to construct a public works facility which the Department believes will literally pay for itself in terms of savings in fuel, wear and tear on the equipment and saved person/hours.

The decision to actually construct such a facility at the Morningside Pit location would be subject to future Council review and approval.