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Community Planning

Comprehensive Plan

Duluth’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan sets the vision, principles, policies, and recommended strategies that have been embraced by the City to shape its future.  The City Council adopted the plan on June 26, 2006 after a 13-month-long, citizen stakeholder-led process consisting of 25 public meetings throughout the city.

Comp Plan Meeting

The process began with the adoption by the City Planning Commission and City Council of 12 Governing Principles that were guiding points for the development of the plan.  Following that the process prioritized setting aside the city’s green infrastructure and then focused on redevelopment, infill development, and neighborhood extensions.

Land Use Map

The Plan’s Curent Version of Future Land Use Map is a geographic representation of the City’s preferred land use scenario for 2025.  It summarizes the community’s discussion of how development, preservation, and public realm investment should be made over the next 20 years.

The Policies section gives greater detail in the interpretation of the other components of the Plan (Principles and Future Land Use Map).

And finally, the City has a number of Implementation tools at its disposal to shape development patterns, protect natural and human infrastructure, and protect the quality of life for residents.

Staging Map


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