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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting (Annual Meeting)

Click here for planning commission packet distributed 3/6/18

Consent Agenda and hearing

PL 18-008 Vacation of South 18th Avenue East Platted Right of Way, With Retention of Utility Easement, at 1826 West Michigan Street by West End Properties Inc and Joe Kleiman

PL 18-009 Minor Subdivision to Separate One Tax Parcel into Two Separate Previously at 3600 Block of London Road by Ted Stocke

PL 18-015 Registered Land Survey for the Board of Trade Building

PL 18-019 Harbor Light Replat

Public Hearings

PL 18-020 Preliminary Plat for Hallett Dock

PL 18-005 Shoreland Variance for a New 48 Unit Senior Housing Apartment at 3900 London Road by OneTwoOne Development

PL 18-012, 18-013, and 18-014 Mixed Use Commercial (MU-C) Planning Review, and Structure and Impervious Surface Setback Variance, for Two New Commercial Structures (Restaurant, and Office/Commercial) at 1722 Miller Trunk Highway/4932 Decker Road by Steve Letnes

PL 18-018, 18-017, 18-021 Vacation of Platted Utility Easement, Front Yard Setback Variance, and Off-Street Parking Variances, and for a 50 Unit Apartment at 1601 West Superior Street/10 Piedmont Avenue by CCHC


Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting (Annual Meeting)

Click here for planning commission packet distributed 2/28/18

Imagine Duluth 2035 Comprehensive Plan, Recommend Adoption (Including Changes to Future Land Use Maps and Strategies and Implementation Steps)

UDC Text Amendments (Public Hearings Were Held on January 9 and February 13: a) VRBO (Expanding the Number of Permits Available), b) Fencing and Screening, c) Filling Stations, Hotels, Auto Repair and Service, and Use Table, d) Administrative Adjustments (Off Street Parking)


Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting

Click here for planning commission packet distributed 2/6/18

Imagine Duluth 2035 Comprehensive Plan Governing Strategies. Portions of Draft Document and Public Comments (2.6.18)   Additional comments (2.7 and 2.8.18)

PL 17-194 UDC Text Amendments Related to Vacation Rental Dwellings (Increase Number of Permits), Permitted Use Table and Definitions (Filing Stations Small/Large, Dwellings in Form Districts, Accessory Home Share, Hotel, Car Repair Service and Repair), Fencing/Screening, and Land Use Supervisor Administrative Adjustments

PL 18-004 Mixed Use-Commercial (MU-C) Planning Review for Hotel at the Corner of Blackman and Central Entrance by Northridge Asset LLC

PL 17-195 Special Use Permit for Restaurant at 1231 East Ninth Street by Jordan Decaro

PL 17-190, 17-191, and 17-192 Special Use Permit, and Front Yard Setback and Shoreland Variance for Natural Gas Regulator Building for the City of Duluth at 2945 Morris Thomas Road

PL 18-001 Special Use Permit for 8 Unit Residential Care Facility and PL 18-003 Vacation of Right of Way with Retention of Utility and Pedestrian Easement at 510 West Quince Street by Northwood Children’s Services, Inc


Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting

Click here for planning commission packet distributed 1/3/18.

Information on the Kayak Bay Village EAW (Comments and Responses, 1/4/18)

For Imagine Duluth 2035 information, please go here:

PL 17-194 UDC Text Amendments Related to Filling Stations (50-19 and 50-20), Screening and Fencing (50-26), and Vacation Dwellings (50-37.10) 

PL 17-181 Minor Subdivision Between Park Point Marina and Globe Duluth Enterprises at 1033 Minnesota Avenue 

PL 17-189 Minor Subdivision at 2624 Minnesota Avenue by Thomas Lyle and Ideal Homes 

PL 17-187 Variance from Front Yard Parking Standards at 5202 Colorado Street by Anchor Point Community Church

PL 17-180 Variance from Front Yard, Front Corner Side Yard, and Rear Yard Setbacks at 6920 Sherburne Street by Bonnie Nepstad

Nomination of Leif Erickson Stage as a Local Historic Landmark

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