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  •   Agency Requests For Code Verification (CSARQ) Application466.3 KB
  •   Agency Requests For Code Verification (CSARQ) Info Sheet350.6 KB
  •   Backflow Preventer Test Report368.6 KB
  •   Basements- Residential Finishing and Remodeling499.2 KB
  •   Bonding and Insurance Requirements for Wrecking and Moving Permits364.1 KB
  •   Building Permit Application928.1 KB
  •   Building Permit Fee Schedule401.2 KB
  •   Commercial Building Intake Checklist137.4 KB
  •   Commercial Energy Alternate Compliance376.1 KB
  •   Commercial Energy Commissioning & Completion355.6 KB
  •   Commercial Energy Compliance Worksheet553.6 KB
  •   Commercial Hood Suppression Systems204.9 KB
  •   Commercial Permit Holder Responsibilities480.6 KB
  •   Commercial Window Replacement Plan Review Questionnaire434.5 KB
  •   Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations392.1 KB
  •   Construction Services Preliminary Code Review Meetings1.1 MB
  •   Contact Information for Construction Services Staff379.9 KB
  •   Contractor Licensing Info Sheet and Owner Agent Authorization438.7 KB
  •   Contractor's Haul Route Application350.8 KB
  •   Deck Permit Application629.7 KB
  •   Detached Residential Garages Info & Application Packet832.7 KB
  •   Domestic Cooking Appliances Used For Commercial Purposes Worksheet452 KB
  •   Electrical Affidavit368.4 KB
  •   Electrical Permit Application286.3 KB
  •   Emergency Egress and Rescue Windows585.9 KB
  •   Energy Code - Attic Card197.4 KB
  •   Engineered Design for Residential Structures on Posts343.4 KB
  •   Fence Info Sheet208.8 KB
  •   Fence Permit Application204.5 KB
  •   Filling and Grading Application Packet1 MB
  •   Filling and Grading Permit Application279.1 KB
  •   Filling and Grading Permit Requirements and Checklist543.2 KB
  •   Fire Suppression System Permit Application186.8 KB
  •   Fireplace Permits & Inspections Info Sheet416.5 KB
  •   Gas Piping Permit Application297.4 KB
  •   Helical Pile Specification & Installer Designation Form426.8 KB
  •   HVAC Commercial Intake Checklist367.9 KB
  •   HVAC/Mechanical Permit Application362.9 KB
  •   Inspection Card - Residential Garages and Decks215.1 KB
  •   Inspection Card - Residential Interior Remodel/Alterations215 KB
  •   Manufactured (HUD) Home IN PARK Intake Checklist308.1 KB
  •   Manufactured (HUD) Home Installation Permit & Plan Review Application1.3 MB
  •   Mechanical Permitting Process Flow Chart442.4 KB
  •   Moving Permit Info Sheet546.4 KB
  •   Moving Permit Worksheet383.6 KB
  •   Permit Fee Refund Policy263.1 KB
  •   Permitting Requirements in the Floodplain296.4 KB
  •   Plan Change Submittal Form356.3 KB
  •   Plumbing Permit Application303 KB
  •   Radon Control Systems640.9 KB
  •   Request for Determination of Technical Infeasibility in Existing Buildings546 KB
  •   Residential Code Requirements Info Sheet763.4 KB
  •   Residential Deck Info Sheet1.5 MB
  •   Residential Decks Application Packet2.9 MB
  •   Residential FAQ's553.6 KB
  •   Residential Guidelines for Additions on Posts1.2 MB
  •   Residential Header & Girder Span Requirements512.9 KB
  •   Residential Intake Checklist103.8 KB
  •   Residential Permit Holder Responsibilities538 KB
  •   Residential Solar Plan Intake Checklist & Info Sheet551.8 KB
  •   Residential Unvented Attic Assemblies529.3 KB
  •   Residential Valuation Schedule90 KB
  •   Residential Wrecking Packet1.2 MB
  •   Sample Residential Elevation Drawings1 MB
  •   Shallow Foundation Approved Alternate Grade Beam2 MB
  •   Shallow Foundation Approved Alternate ICF642.9 KB
  •   Shoreland and Floodplain Application and Worksheet468.4 KB
  •   Sign Permit Packet1.1 MB
  •   Site Plan Paper278 KB
  •   Site Plans for Residential Projects418.1 KB
  •   Stairs - Residential356 KB
  •   Survey Requirements299 KB
  •   What To Expect After A Fire265.2 KB
  •   What to Expect While Your Permit Is Being Processed428.1 KB
  •   When and Why Do I Need an Architect?368.3 KB
  •   Window Wells593.6 KB
  •   WLSSD Capacity Availability Info499 KB
  •   Work Exempt From Permit Info Sheet369.6 KB
  •   Wrecking Permit Requirements Info Sheet354 KB
  •   Wrecking Permit Utility Cut Off Sheet366.2 KB
  •   Residential Wall Section Sample1.3 MB
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