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 Downloadable Permit Applications 

Permits for Gas Piping 

Due to permit reporting requirements, starting in June 2015, permits for gas piping and related work will be issued separately from other plumbing permits.

When a contractor or homeowner needs permits for both plumbing work and gas piping work, multiple permits are required.  When making online application for permits in eTRAKiT, make sure to complete all applicable information.  If you have questions, contact our Land Use Technicians at 218-730-5240. 

All persons performing gas-fitting work from the outside meter stop valve to any appliance or outlet, including all gas house piping, shall be a plumber or pipefitter licensed by the state of Minnesota working for a licensed and bonded plumbing contractor, except residential gas piping in owner-occupied units in one and two family dwellings may also be performed by an employee of a mechanical contractor bonded in accordance with Minnesota law, and a property owner may do work on their own single family, owner occupied dwelling. 

For heating equipment replacements, modifications to gas piping from the existing required equipment shutoff valve within 6 feet of the appliance to the appliance are included in the HVAC (mechanical) permit required for the heating equipment replacement.  Inspection of the heating equipment replacement shall include related gas piping work between the appliance shut off valve and the appliance. 

Backflow Preventer Device Test Reporting

The adoption of the 2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code has brought significant changes to the installation and testing of backflow preventers. The following devices are now considered to be Regulated Backflow Preventers:

1. Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) Backflow Prevention Assembly (ASSE 1020)
2. Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker (SRVB) Assembly (ASSE 1056)
3. Reduced Pressure Principal (RP) Backflow Prevention Assembly and Reduced Pressure Principal Fire Protection (RP) Backflow Prevention Assembly (ASSE 1013)
4. Reduced Pressure Detector Fire Protection (RP) Backflow Prevention Assembly (ASSE 1047)
5. Double Check (DC) Valve  Backflow Prevention Assembly and Double Check (DC) Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assembly (ASSE 1015)
6. Double Check (DC) Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assembly (ASSE 1048)

In order to install or remove a device listed above, a State of Minnesota licensed plumbing contractor must obtain a plumbing permit.  These devices require testing by a State-Certified backflow preventer tester at the time of installation and annually thereafter in accordance with Minnesota Statute 326B.437 and Chapter 6 of the MN Plumbing Code.  A backflow preventer test permit must also be submitted to the City of Duluth to record the initial testing and annual testing of these devices along with an initial and annual $30 program administration fee by December 31 of each calendar year.

To submit the backflow preventer device test report and fee online, click here: or download the form here and submit by mail with a check or over-the-counter in the Construction Services office.

Online Permits

Permit Information

Also click here for zoning and land use information, including construction requirements in floodplain and shoreland areas.

Fill Permits 




See the Survey section for the Survey for Site Plan Policy  


See the Survey section for the Survey for Site Plan Policy

Floodplain Construction 

Manufactured Home Installations 

Solar Photovoltaic for Existing 1&2-Family Residential & Townhome Buildings 

Moving Permits 

Contact a Land Use Technician in the One Stop Shop for information and procedures for moving buildings. 

Wrecking Permits 

Contact a Land Use Technician in the One Stop Shop for information and procedures for wrecking buildings. 

Commercial & Multifamily Residential Plan Review and Permit Information

Alternate Design/Methods or Materials Application Form 

Sample Residential Drawings 

Click here to see a sample of residential building plans. 

Residential Additions or Remodeling

See the Survey section for the Survey for Site Plan Policy 

New One & Two Family Dwellings 

See the Survey section for the Survey for Site Plan Policy 

Residential Energy Code Certificate & Attic Card 

The Minnesota Residential Energy Code that went into effect in June of 2009 includes the requirement to post energy certificates and attic cards in new buildings regulated by the residential energy code. 

Instructions for location each of these are to be placed can be found on the cards. 


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