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In 2014, the City of Duluth was one of five cities that received 500 CPR Anytime Kits (or Hands-Only™ CPR training kits) by the American Heart Association and Cities of Service to help turn more of our residents into lifesavers.

Over the course of the year, the Duluth Fire Department and the City’s Volunteer Program worked with community partners to train 1,778 people in Hands-Only CPR. Those individuals went on to report training an additional 1,856 people – which allowed us to exceed our goal of training 3,000 people in 2014 on Hands-Only CPR.

The CPR Anytime Kits are a self-directed, personal CPR training program that can be taught by an individual in the home and is easily offered in a group setting. The core skills of hands-only CPR are taught using an instructional DVD and a personal manikin. Learners are provided with a take-home kit that is designed to be shared with family members and friends, multiplying the number of individuals trained with just one kit!

Interested in learning more? Call Cheryl Skafte, City of Duluth, Volunteer Coordinator at 218-730-4334.

The City of Duluth’s Volunteer CPR initiative was made possible through the support of our community partners including the state and local chapters of the American Heart Association, the Duluth Public Schools, Essentia Health, St. Luke’s, MN Resuscitation Consortium at the University of Minnesota, and Arrowhead EMS.

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