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F.I.R.S.T Fire Intervention Referral Safety Team

(Juvenile Fire Setter Program) 

The Duluth Fire Department is the lead agency of the Fire Intervention Safety Team. This group includes law enforcement, fire departments, mental heath, probation, social services, court system and clergy who are willing to share their knowledge and help educate juvenile fire setters. During this class, parents discuss parenting styles and techniques with a licensed counselor from the Human Development Center while adolescents are taught fire safety behaviors. The team's mission is to provide education intervention to youth that exhibit fire setting behaviors while helping parents learn how to help their children stay safe from fires. This reduces the incidence of property loss, injury, and death due to juvenile set fires.

Troubled children may set many small fires that are extinguished by parents, teachers and other caregivers. Many of these fires go unreported to the fire departments or law enforcement. Each fire set shows the lack of understanding, on the part of the juvenile, of the power of fire and poses a significant risk to the child and others. All juvenile-set fires should be seen as red flags.

If you know a juvenile who is playing with fire, please give then the opportunity to attend this free class. It could prevent the loss of property and even save lives. Lean what can be done to prevent this tragedy from happening to you or someone you love. 

or call: 
Marnie Grondahl, Fire Marshal
Duluth Fire Department
615 W 1st Street
Duluth, MN 55802

Marnie Grondahl
Fire Marshal



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