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Lakewalk Trail Restoration 2018-2019


On October 26, 2017, Duluth experienced a major storm surge which destroyed millions of dollars’ worth of shoreline, Lakewalk Trail, storm sewer and seawall infrastructure.

Unprecedented lake levels, 10 foot waves, 50-60 mph winds dramatically uplifted and changed the landscape.


Just as Duluth developed a recovery plan, an April 15, 2018 storm ravaged this area again, dropping layers of ice and 13 inches of snow with wind and waves pummeling the already eroded shoreline. As the City looks to rebuild and restore the Trail for public use; climate adaptation for resiliency is a key factor.

On October 8, 2018, the City announced the start of emergency repairs to the Lakewalk Trail section located between the veteran memorials and Leif Erikson Park. Mike LeBeau explains the project:

What can the public expect?

Initial Phase

  • The Trail will be closed to the public between Lake Place Park and Leif Erikson Park. As a result of the October 10 storm and new damages, the City is extending the trail closure towards the canal.
  • Detours and signage are posted. (see map)
  • Stairwells leading to the Trail from the Fitger's Complex and Portland Malt Shoppe are temporarily closed.
  • Larger boulders will line the shore to create a first tier of protection from high waves.
  • New revetement will fortify the shoreline.
  • A 300-foot concrete wall will protect the boardwalk.
  • Crews will be on site Monday thru Friday.

Timeline for initial phase: October 8 until the end of December 2018




Phase 2: Trail reopens in January 2019 until the spring, when additional work is needed to install the boardwalk and asphalt pavement.

  • The Trail will once again be closed for spring-summer work.
  • The new boardwalk will expand the trail from 6 feet to 8 feet and the paved trail from 7 feet to 12 feet wide.


Duluth was once again hit with a massive storm surge on October 10, 2018 causing additional damage to the Lakewalk Trail. Due to the extensive damage, the City is creating a temporary unpaved path between the Lighthouse Parking lot by the maritime museum and Endion Station. The City crews cleaned up debris, large rocks, cement sections, dangling light fixtures and dislodged boards. The interim goal is to create a safe accessible path for trail users until permanent repairs can be made. The City is seeking emergency aid.

The pedestrian trail by the Ledges residential units is closed until further notice due to significant erosion.

See the following video of the aftermath of the storm.



Mike Lebeau
Construction Manager
City Hall, Ground Floor
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802


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