Small Area Plans

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan, adopted in June 2006, recognized that there were areas of the city where uncertainty about market conditions, ownership patterns, or infrastructural capacity was particularly high, and that those areas would require additional study to guide possible modification to the future land use map. The Central Entrance - Miller Hill area and Bayfront District are the first two areas to undergo a Small Area Plan. In addition, other plans have been completed by the Planning Division in recent years for areas such as the Woodland Business District and Skyline Parkway.

Riverside Small Area Plan

Lincoln Park Small Area Plan

Gary/New Duluth Small Area Plan

Park Point Small Area Plan

Higher Education Small Area Plan

Future Use of Duluth Public School Sites

Bayfront District Small Area Plan

Central Entrance - Miller Hill Small Area Plan

Kenwood/Arrowhead Intersection Plan

Duluth's East Downtown, Hillside and Waterfront Charrette Report and Plan

Skyline Parkway Corridor Management Plan

Woodland Business District Study

Young Professionals Housing Study


What is a small area plan?

A small area plan is a plan that is developed for a clearly defined area and gives more detailed recommendations than would be provided in a comprehensive plan.

A small area plan does not replace the comprehensive plan but rather serves to augment it. The small area plan builds on the goals, policies and implementation strategies in the comprehensive plan to provide a finer level of detail.

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