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Community Survey Results

The Duluth Police Department is continuing to develop its new strategic plan. Results of the community survey data have been compiled and analyzed along with information gathered from community meetings and interviews. The information gathered from these two processes are available for your review on our website. Currently, staff and community members are working together to finalize the strategic plan. A meeting of the department’s command staff was held in December to formulate drafts of the mission, core beliefs, values, and goals based on the input from our community and department members. Staff was then given the opportunity to provide input on the shape the strategic plan was taking. This week the strategic planning team, comprised of community members and department staff, met to hone the strategic plan. Two additional meetings will occur to further develop the plan; the first will be to gather additional input from department members and for the second meeting we will reconvene the strategic planning team for additional refinements. The final product will be released to the community in early March.


To view the PDF of the survey results click here.

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Chief of Police - Mike Tusken
Mike Tusken
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