Press Releases

Fire Department Press Releases

01/28/2014Structure Fire @ 4201 W 6th St
01/25/2014Structure Fire @ 411 N 51st Ave W
01/13/2014Structure Fire @ 1720 Miller Trunk Hwy
12/31/2013Structure Fire @326 N 20th Ave W
12/28/2013awning collapse @231 E Superior St
12/25/2013Structure Fire @619 E 5th St
12/19/2013Shoveling Hydrants
12/13/2013Processional for Rice Lake Fire Chief Matt Frantz
11/24/2013Structure Fire @ 320 N 27th Ave W
11/10/2013Garage Fire @ 1817 London Rd
11/06/2013Structure Fire @ 631 N Central Ave
10/28/2013Structure Fire @ 519 E 6th St
10/26/2013Structure Fire @511 N 57th Ave W
10/08/2013Ride to School on Fire Truck
10/06/2013Structure Fire @ 4816 W 6th St
10/06/2013Structure Fire @ 1455 89th Ave W (Morgan Park Neighborhood)
10/03/2013House Fire @ 1025 W 2nd St
10/01/2013Illegal Rental Enforcement
10/01/2013Structure Fire @ 510 E 11th St
09/26/2013Red Flag Warning, Dangerous Rip Currents
09/26/2013Rip Current Warning
09/26/2013Fire destroys garage, house saved by fire department
09/15/2013Red Flag Warning
09/12/2013Enbridge Grant Award
09/08/2013Red Flag Warning
09/04/2013Rip Current Warning
09/02/2013Rip Current Warning
08/20/2013Garage fire
07/26/2013Building Fire
07/21/2013Red Flag Warning Continues
07/20/2013Rip Current Warning
07/04/2013Structure Fire @ 411 N. 85th Ave W.
07/03/2013Structure Fire @ 9000 Congdon Blvd
07/01/2013Red Flag Warning!!
06/28/2013Garage Fire
06/22/2013Rip Current Warning
06/12/2013kitchen safety trailer
05/27/2013Cardiac Arrest Call
05/08/2013mock crash
04/29/2013Information on arson fire
04/24/2013House Fire
04/22/2013ICE RESCUE
03/24/2013Garage Fire
02/01/2013Stucture Fire
01/20/2013Fire Report
01/06/2013House Fire
01/02/2013Structure Fire @ 2631 W. 4th St
11/23/2012House Fire @ 3707 E. 4th St.
11/08/2012Carbon Monoxide sickens many at Fryberger Arena

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