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Police Department Press Releases

02/12/2016Two Arrested on Drug Charges
02/12/2016Two Arrested on Drug Charges
02/12/2016Drug Arrests
02/11/2016Drug Arrests
02/11/20162016 Duluth Citizen's Police Academy
02/08/2016Burglary Suspect Arrested
02/05/2016Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement Agencies Training
02/05/2016Bank Robbery Update
02/03/2016Heroin Drug Arrest
02/02/2016Heroin Drug Arrests
01/29/2016Relocation of Level III Predatory Offender
01/27/2016Bank Robbery Update
01/27/2016Burglary Suspect Arrested
01/26/2016Bank Robbery
01/26/2016Burglary Suspect Arrested
01/25/2016Heroin Drug Arrests
01/21/2016Gun/Drug Arrest
01/21/2016Damage to DTA Multimodal Center
01/21/2016Fatal Car/Pedestrian Incident
01/14/2016IRS Scam Alert
01/12/2016Burglary Suspect Arrested
01/08/2016Property Crimes Wanted Person of the Week
12/21/2015Burglary Suspect Arrest
12/16/2015Vehicle Prowl Arrests
12/10/2015Traffic Advisory for Bayfront Area
12/10/2015Wanted Person of the Week
12/09/2015Heroin Arrest
12/08/2015Heroin Drug Arrests
12/03/2015Property Crimes Wanted Person of the Week
12/03/2015Robbery Suspect Arrested
12/01/2015Motor Vehicle Theft
11/25/2015Gobble Gallop Race
11/18/2015Christmas City of the North Parade
11/16/2015Forrest St. John Arrest
11/13/2015Property Crimes Wanted Person of the Week
11/11/2015Missing Child located
11/11/2015Missing Child
11/09/2015Veteran's Day March Traffic Advisory
11/09/2015Vehicle Prowl Suspect Arrested
11/06/2015Property Crime Wanted Person of the Week
10/30/2015Press Conference Notification
10/27/2015Burglary Suspect Arrested
10/23/2015Property Crimes Wanted Person of the Week
10/20/2015Armed Robbery Suspect Convicted
10/15/2015Boo at the Zoo Traffic Advisory
10/14/2015Accident Fatality
10/09/2015Heroin Drug Arrest
10/09/2015Heroin Drug Arrests
10/08/2015Boo at the Zoo Traffic Advisory

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