Gary New Duluth Recreation Area


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Project Status: Construction Phase

Project Update: The Phase I project that is underway is designed to create two new youth soccer fields, an ice skating area, and to manage storm water.  Water management measures include installing a culvert, creating storm water holding ponds, and re-grading the site.

Project Overview: GND Development Alliance and the City of Duluth have developed a Mini Master Plan to detail the revitalization of the GND recreation area. Each phase establishes different amenities including parking lot improvements, lighting, hardscaping, installation of a portable toilet facility, a skate park, dog park, sport court and community gardens. Phases may be completed out of sequence - as detailed in the Mini Master Plan - due to community need, grants secured, and ease of completion.  To date, the GND Development Alliance  has received $91,000 State Coastal Program. Total grant contributions equal $511,510 (both cash and in-kind). These efforts will allow $550,000 of the city match to be released. The GNDDA is researching additional grant opportunities, soliciting donations, and in-kind services to complete Phase I.

Project Background: Gary New Duluth Recreation Area is one of four qualifying parks for the Grand Avenue Parks Fund. The fund is part of the larger St. Louis River Corridor Project supported by the 1/2 and 1/2 tax fund. This specially designated funding will provide "destination-level" investments to qualifying parks. The Grand Avenue Parks Fund invests in community partnerships with user groups and residents to co-create and co-manage outdoor recreation experiences in the neighborhoods along the corridor.

Project Map:

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Funding Source$90,000 Coastal NOAA $550,000 in match 1/2 and 1/2 funds

Estimated Completion Date: July 2016 for the first stage of Phase I Construction.  Dates remain TBD on the remaining stages of Phase I, as well as, Phase II & Phase III.

Project Partners:

GND Development Alliance 

Rob Hurd
Construction Project Coordniator
Property & Facilities Management
1532 West Michigan Street
Duluth, MN 55806


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