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Memorial Park


Project Status (WWI Memorial): Construction documents in development.

Project Overview: The City seeks to develop a new design for a new WWI Memorial at Memorial Park. It is the intent of the city to have the design fabricated and installed in 2019.  

Project Background: A WWI Memorial, consisting of small plaques by trees, has existed at Memorial Park for over 90 years. Overtime, many of these plaques have been damaged, destroyed or are now missing. Multiple master plans have been conducted on the park over the past 7 years, and each has called for a new WWI memorial. Although a new park master plan is forthcoming, past citizen comments have been clear that a new WWI memorial should be a component of the park.

Public Engagement: During the planning phase, the public is invited to provide ideas and weigh in on concepts and themes for the new memorial.

Public Engagement Opportunities: Planned public input opportunities have been completed.

Budget: $41,000  

Funding Source: 1/2 and 1/2 tourism tax 

Estimated Completion Date: 2019

*The concept below was approved by the Duluth Parks and Recreation Commission after receiving a majority of votes by community members in May 2018.

Project Status (Park Master Plan): Planning Phase

Project Overview: A Mini Master planning process was conducted in 2015. A significant component of that plan involved a community center building to be built and managed by a partner organization. The City has been informed that the partner no longer has the capacity to construct and manage a community center at this location. Due to the significant nature the elimination of a potential community center will have on the location, a new master plan is needed to properly align resources and park function with community need. At this time, the timeframe for conducting a new master plan at Memorial Park is not defined but would not be conducted until year 2020 at the earliest. Subsequent construction would occur at least 2 years after completion of the master plan.

Project Background: Memorial Park is one of four qualifying parks for the Grand Avenue Parks Fund.  The fund is part of the larger St. Louis River Corridor Project supported by the 1/2 and 1/2 tax fund.  This specially designated funding will provide "destination-level" investments to qualifying parks.  The Grand Avenue Parks Fund invests in community partnerships with user groups and residents to co-create and co-manage outdoor recreation experiences in the neighborhoods along the corridor.  The Grand Avenue Parks Fund will provide 1:1 match grants up to $550,000 per park.

Budget: Up to $500,000

Funding Source: 1/2 and 1/2 funding

Estimated Completion Date: Undetermined

Important Documents:

2015 Memorial Park Concept Plan Draft




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Parks Manager
Parks and Recreation
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