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Project Overview: Thirteen parks along the St. Louis River Corridor have been identified as part of the larger St. Louis River Corridor Initiative. As such, these 13 parks are eligible to be supported by the ½ and ½ tax funds. Specifically-designated funding through the St. Louis River Corridor Initiative will provide neighborhood-level investments to these qualifying parks along the corridor. 

The Neighborhood Park Grant Fund is designated to help the City of Duluth accomplish the following six goals in the qualifying parks:

1. Build on and support environmental restoration 
2. Enrich neighborhood quality of life 
3. Attract new residents to buy homes in St. Louis River Corridor neighborhoods 
4. Establish St. Louis River Corridor as major visitor destination 
5. Stimulate place-appropriate economic development 
6. Leverage additional funding

The City of Duluth will partner with user groups and residents to co-create and co-manage outdoor recreation experiences in the neighborhood parks along the corridor.  The 9:1 match requires that a $10,000 of the project’s funding be generated through community efforts, which can include cash donations, other grant funds, in-kind volunteer hours, and in-kind donations of materials and professional services.  The City of Duluth will provide a 9:1 match, $90,000 per park for the 13 qualifying parks.

Qualifying parks include: Irving, Morgan, Piedmont, Harrison, Merritt, Grassy Point, Keene Creek, Norton, Riverside, Blackmer, Fond du Lac, Smithville and Historical. Click on the links to view the parks mini-master plan.

All projects must: (a) align with existing or currently underway City mini-master plans or (b) undergo a mini-master plan process before funds will be released. 

Here is overview of the Neighborhood Parks component of the St. Louis River Corridor Initiative

  • Total ½ and ½ funding investment: $1,200,000
  • A fixed total of $90,000 per park for 12 of the 13 Neighborhood Parks. 
  • Match requirement reduced from 1:1 to 9:1
  • $90,000 will be released when neighborhoods have cash or in-kind contributions, or pledges, of at least $10,000
  • The City of Duluth will facilitate development of $100,000+ phase one implementation plan for each park based on neighborhood priorities and neighborhood fundraising goals.

Important Documents:  

FINAL St. Louis River Corridor Mini-Master Plan (approved)

Individual Park Plans:



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Senior Parks Planner
Parks and Recreation
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