St. Louis River Water Trail


Project Status: Planning Phase

Project Overview: The City of Duluth and its partners are working with local stakeholders to plan and apply for a National Water Trail designation on the St. Louis River. The estuary has a rich natural and industrial history dating back to the areas indigenous peoples. Once considered one of the most polluted waterways in the United States, it is slowly and painstakingly being restored to health and will likely be delisted as an AOC (Area of Concern) within 10 years.

A National Water Trail designation would allow surrounding communities to engage both local citizens and visitors to once again return to this amazing resource and learn about its past, present, and future. This designation also assists local land management authorities and agencies to plan, and apply for possible funding streams to improve water sport access of all kinds on the river as well as plan and implement restoration efforts. Through careful planning and vision, the Water Trail can ensure access to all regardless of skill level or ability, or financial means.

The planning for the application for the St. Louis River Water Trail is in process, with an anticipated completion date in September of 2016. Once the plan is finished an application for designation will be submitted for designation by the National Parks Service.

The City of Duluth will continue to reach out to its existing and potential partners throughout the summer of 2016, including fishing groups, motorized groups and any other stakeholders that are interested in supporting or commenting on the project.

To learn more about National Water Trail and the progress on the St. Louis River designation, click on the available materials below.

Project Partners: Click Here to View all Project Partners

Important Documents:
FINAL Water Trail Master Plan - (Approved by City Council March, 27 2017)


Lisa Luokkala
Project Coordinator
City Hall - Parks and Recreation
411 West First Street - Ground Floor
Duluth, MN 55802


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