Energy Use in Existing Buildings

The City Operations Energy Action Plan set a target to reduce energy use in 

Target - Reduce combined energy use from electricity, natural gas, steam, and water in audited City buildings and facilities by 15% by December 31, 2015.


1.8 M kWh of electricity were saved in 2010 - 2012

Includes 719,000 kWh savings in 2011 and 2012 in 56 buildings and facilities
- Includes T12 to T8 fluorescent lighting replacement
- Includes LED lighting in hallways at Washington Center
- Includes LED lighting installed at Depot and Coney Parking Ramps
- Includes higher efficiency motors installed in pumping stations
- Includes computer replacements with Energy Star qualified computers

30,000 Therms of natural gas saved by building weatherization and new boilers/furnaces
- Includes building sealing, new doors, and programmable thermostats

B3 Benchmarking
In 2009, The City contracted with Minnesota Resource Conservation Inc. (MRC) to complete the State of Minnesota B3 energy benchmarking that required all municipalities in Minnesota to input historical energy usage for all buildings over 5,000 square feet. in size into an on-line database called the B3 Benchmarking database. The B3 Energy Benchmark program uses an Energy Use Intensity (EUI), typically expressed in units of energy consumption per floor area per year, expressly, Btu/Square Foot/Year. The on-line benchmarking software can be used to track energy use, costs and carbon dioxide on an ongoing basis to measure the performance of a building or group of buildings month to month or year to year.

Building & Facility Energy Audits and Energy Measure Recommendations
In 2010, the City took a further step to measure and document building energy use by designating part of the ARRA funded EECBG program grant to contract energy audits for 86 City buildings and facilities. The energy audits were completed by mid-December 2010 when individual energy assessment reports for each building and an accompanying file of all recommended energy measures were submitted to the City's Energy Coordinator.

Over 700 individual energy measures were recommended for the 86 buildings and facilities. A City energy team used the energy audit information to determine a energy reduction target for City-owned buildings.

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