Duluth Community-Wide Local Energy Action Plan - Duluth LEAP

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Community Engagement - Energy Planning

The Duluth LEAP community engagement process to develop a local energy action plan is nearing completion. The plan will be posted later in April 2013 for comments and will then be presented to the Duluth City Council.

We started the project last year in April 2012 with city council approval to apply for a Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation (DSACF). DSACF awarded a $5,000 grant from the Knight Fund. We received a $5,000 grant from Minnesota Power Conservation Improvement Program and matched the DSACF grant with $5,000 from the City Energy Management Fund. Public meetings were held from September 2012 - January 2013 to gather information, determine plan goals, strategies and actions to be implemented during the next several years.

Duluth LEAP represents a significant step in accomplishing the third milestone identified in Duluth City Council's 2001 Resolution 01-0350R:Resolution Pledging Cooperation of the City of Duluth to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Duluth LEAP differs from the original pledge in that the focus of Duluth LEAP goals, strategies and actions are to reduce energy use through energy efficiency, support renewable energy and the transition of transportation systems to alternative fuels, away from fossil fuel sources. Achieving LEAP goals and targets will result in lowering GHG emissions and air pollution.

The planning activities followed a prescribed set of steps identified in the ACEEE on-line report: Local Energy Planning in Practice: A Review of Recent Experiences.
The 8-Step process:
Step 1: Identify/Convene Stakeholders
Step 2: Form Leadership Team
Step 3: Develop Energy Vision
Step 4: Develop Energy Baseline and Assess Local Context (already completed for years 1999 and 2008 in the GHG inventories) 
Step 5: Develop Specific Goals
Step 6: Evaluate and Rank Implementation Actions
Step 7: Identify Funding Sources - possible funding sources were only identified in a brainstorm session
Step 8: Measure/Evaluate/Update - following implementation

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