Renewable Energy - Solar

Local zoning and permitting for solar installations
Duluth is a participating beta community in Minnesota's Solar Challenge program to implement best practices in permitting and zoning. The Minnesota Solar Challenge is providing free technical assistance to communities to:

  • Removing barriers in local permitting process, both building and electric
  • Understanding and adopting reasonable permit fees charged to solar installations
  • Ensuring that land use regulations, including comprehensive plan language and zoning, treats solar energy installations fairly and consistently with other similar land uses


Solar Energy - Solar PV installations
In 2004 - 2006, the City of Duluth installed solar PV demonstration projects at the Duluth Main Library and at the Lake Superior Zoo.
Description: D:\101MSDCF\DSC00008.JPG On top of Duluth Public Library
Description: D:\101MSDCF\DSC00015.JPG Lake Superior Zoo

Hartley Nature Center has two Solar PV arrays that are connected by a real-time tracking system http://www.hartleynature.org/building/energy_solar.html


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